Ovarian Cancer South Australia

Help us continue to fund South Australia's first Ovarian Cancer Care Nurse to support South Australian women with this disease and their families. Every year approximately 1,600 Australian women and 120 South Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, most of them at advanced stage.


Claims the life of one Australian woman every ten hours


There is no specific conclusive test


The smear test DOES NOT detect this disease


This disease is symptomatic. The four most common symptoms include:


Abdominal or
pelvic pain

size or persistent

Needing to
urinate often
or urgently

Feeling full

OC Challenge Incorporated is a not for profit, registered charity, with the aim to educate, increase awareness and support women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in South Australia. We support two nurses as our outreach who will work with the medical team who are in charge to help women and their families to navigate the medical system and other problems they may encounter. Referrals are usually made from the treating team.

 We report annually to the Australian charities commission, provide tax deductible receipts for donations, with our accounts audited on an annual basis pro bono by William Buck


Debbie Gracie was moved by an article on ovarian cancer in a woman's magazine in 2007.  She spoke with some of her friends, who thought they were covered by regular pap smears.  She decided that ovarian cancer was underrepresented in the focus of both women and funding, so decided to promote awareness of the disease with a fundraiser.  Wishing to continue, she looked for a Patron and spoke with Carol Martin OAM, Port Adelaide/Enfield Councillor, who was instantly enthusiastic.  She then looked for a speaker, reaching out to Dr. Margaret Davy AM, at that time Director of Gynaecological Oncology in Adelaide.  Our awareness and fundraising continued from May 2007 and since our incorporation end of 2014,  our challenge supporting women with Ovarian Cancer and their families in various ways.
After numerous regional roadshows around South Australia where health resources are finite including areas where women are socioeconomically disadvantaged and speaking to hundreds of people at each event, we have achieved our goal of  funding South Australia's first ovarian cancer care nurse early 2022 with our second beginning mid 2023 supported by gynaecological oncologists.  This is support that women with this disease desperately need.  We understand the impact this type of care and support can have on patients.

View one of our Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walkathons produced by
Hairy Fish Film Productions

Our Volunteer Community

  • Prof. Martin K. Oehler
    President – Prof Martin K. Oehler Gynaecological Oncologist, Director of Gynaecological Oncology, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Clinical Professor, University of Adelaide
  • Carol Martin OAM
    Patron – A passionate Patron for OC Challenge and many other charities, Port Adelaide/Enfield Councillor and order of Australia recipient 2018
  • Debbie Gracie
    Founder – Debbie founded OC Challenge in 2007 along with Dr. Margaret Davy and Carol Martin. Running all things admin and passionate about the continuation of sponsoring Ovarian Cancer nurses. Mobile 0439 416 113
  • Associate Professor Dr. Margaret Davy AM
    Clinical Spokesperson –  A passionate member of the team. Retired Gynaecological Oncologist – Member of the Medical and Research Advisory Group with Ovarian Cancer Australia and Member of the Order of Australia
  • Cherylee Crabtree
    Ambassador – An enthusiastic Ambassador of OC Challenge, the media savvy Radio Chick is a host presenter on Radio 101.5, Radio KSA and Coast FM, google podcasts
  • Celia Latty-Steele
    Ambassador/Survivor – A passionate and enthusiastic contributor to our charity whilst also supporting a number of other charities in South Australia. Celia is married to Daniel and Mum to gorgeous daughter Hope. Listen to Celia’s story with Ali on ABC Radio Adelaide Interview World Ovarian Cancer Day May 8th 2018
  • Lori Schinkel
    Ambassador/Survivor – Guest speaker and passionate contributor to OC Challenge.
  • Keryn Bache
    Ambassador – Keryn is a passionate long-term member of OC Challenge. Memories of a head shave in our Events section!

Our Nurses

  • Jo White - Registered Nurse
    Jo is a Clinical Spokesperson who has a background in ovarian cancer research. She also works as a nurse counsellor for people affected by cancer
  • Deb Roffe - Registered Nurse
    Jo is a Clinical Spokesperson who has a background in ovarian cancer research. She also works as a nurse counsellor for people affected by cancer
  • Registered Charity

Many clubs and organisations across South Australia help us raise awareness and funds for our Ovarian Cancer Charity by allowing OC Challenge to be their charity recipient. Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is February - You could run a girls 'Teal' night in, dinner party or corporate casual clothes day at work to help us raise awareness and funds? Or if you participate in the City-Bay Fun Run in September, see our events page for details.

Or simply start fundraising now, setting up your own page in honour of a special friend or family member via the Just Giving website by choosing the Start Fundraising button below. 

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